Низький 1
з 1.12 по 15.12
Низький 2
з 16.12 по 24.12
з 25.12 по 29.12
з 30.12 по 7.01
з 8.01 по 11.03
Весняний 1
з 12.03 по 20.03
Весняний 2 з 21.03 до кінця лижного сезону
з 22.04 по 30.09
Однокімнатний 2-х місн.
1020 грн.
1170 грн.
1500 грн.
2730 грн.
1750 грн.
1170 грн.
1020 грн.
650 грн.
* during the Summer season the payment for the hotel room includes visiting the swimming pool for 30 min once a day.
** when booking a room in the spring-summer period of more than three days, one-time free 1 hour sauna.
Double Standart

It is a cozy room with a balcony, which provides an amazing view of mountinious landscape.
There are 2 Double Standarts in our hotel : one with a double bed and another with two single beds. In this room you will find everything needed for a good rest : a TV, a telephone, a hair dryer, a bathroom with a shower cabine and hot water, towels for each guest, bottled water.
The room is convenient for 2 people, its area is 14 m2.
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